What age children will most enjoy the Day of Play?
Activities are designed for children ages 4 – 10.


What should my child wear?
There may be messy zones.  Need we say more? Please dress your child in clothes that can get dirty! It’s more fun that way.


Is there a cost for each activity?
There is NO cost to attend the Day of Play.  All activities are offered at no charge from our select vendors.  There will be a charge for food but you can always bring a lunch and blanket - have a picnic, for goodness sakes!  We have also invited vendors to participate that sell items geared towards children, so there will be a cost associated for any items purchased.  Otherwise prepare yourselves for a free day of play!!!!


Where is the event held?
The Falmouth Day of Play will be held outdoors at the Mullen-Hall Elementary School, located in beautiful downtown Falmouth.

How do I get to Mullen-Hall School?
Mullen-Hall School is conveniently located off of Katharine Lee Bates Rd in Falmouth.
130 Katharine Lee Bates Rd

Falmouth, MA  02540

Where should I park and how much does parking cost?

There is no charge for parking.  Downtown Falmouth provides many parking opportunities.  You may park on Katharine Lee Bates Road, at the Falmouth Public Library, on Main Street or in the Town Hall Square lot, just to name a few.

What happens if it rains?
If it rains on Saturday, June 8th, we will meet again on Sunday, June 9th - nothing is going to stop this Day of Play . . .nothing we say!!!


Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, no.  For the safety of all children, pets are not allowed in the event space.  Service Animals are allowed to attend and must be under the full control of their owner.  The Rotary Club of Falmouth accepts no liability for injuries caused to attendees.  

Will there be restrooms on site?
Yes.  Mullen-Hall School restrooms will be open to the public during the Day of Play.  Parents please accompany your children to and from the restrooms and throughout the fair. 

Do I need to buy food?
Of course not!  You may bring your own lunch and a blanket - but trust us when we say that there will be yummy food and snack options available from our select vendors.


The Falmouth Day of Play will offer a variety of activities aimed at different age groups.  Not all activities are appropriate for all ages.  Kid's participation is up the the parents' discretion.