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Activities- Saturday, July 20, 2024 at Falmouth Main Library Lawn
Here are some of the fun activities that will be featured at the 2024 fair. The theme of the fair is DIY and the goal of the Day of Play Committee is to provide fun ideas that can easily be recreated at home.   The Day of Play Committee has searched the internet to find options for absolute fun play, so click on "Learn More" to find templates, images and other inspirations that will help fuel your creativity. Please keep in mind that activities are subject to change - but hey, go ahead, have some fun!

Homemade Paper Kites

Fly a kite with us!  While we will supply kite kits, you can also make your own at home - visit Dream A Little Bigger!


Learn More


Cloud Spotter

Using a template from Day of Play, learn (in real time) about the different types of clouds. Check out for more information!

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paper airplanes_edited.jpg

Paper Airplanes

There are many ways to make a paper airplane. Try the version from, take them for a test flight!

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PennySpinners by Mombright_edited_edited

Penny Spinners

 Got a penny? Pick it up.  Then all day you'll have good luck.  Don't worry, the penny is on use.  Visit to learn more about this activity.

Learn More

pig races carnival game_edited.jpg

Relay: Piggy Races

And they are off!  Watch the piggies wiggle down the speedway. Pick a piggy and wish it luck.  Winners take home a prize.


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Whirlygigs by thecrafttrain_edited.jpg


Explore the science of circular motion with this DIY by The Craft Train.  Using strings and markers, create a customized spinner to have your own fun for hours.


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Falmouth Fire Dept 2.jpg

Touch-a-Truck: Falmouth Fire Dept


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pompom headband.jpg

Pom Pom Tiaras

​DIY a headband featuring various-sized pom poms. Easy, right?  Join us to make headwear masterpieces!


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Paper Bag Journals

Inspired by Sarabella, create your own journal from paperbags!  Image by Never Enough Time. Activity by I Love My Kids Blog.

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Aloree 60 pieces kids temp tattoos.webp

Temporary Tattoo Station

Join the fun and get temporarily tattooed!  Presented by the Falmouth Housing Authority - ask about FHA's housing programs and waiting lists!​



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cardboard hopscotch.jpg

Cardboard Hopscotch

 This is an open play activity.  This means that there will not be a booth; you will find the game near other activities.  Feel free to just start playing!  Make the game out of cardboard, yoga mats or other materials :)

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kindess rockstj.jpeg

Kindness Rocks

Join our Girl Scout and friends to learn how to make your own.  Learn more about the Girl Scouts today! Image and tutorial by


Learn More


Relay: Reusable Water "Balloon" Toss

Who knew recycled fleece, a sponge, a five minutes of cutting & sewing could lead to hours of fun!  


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Friendship Bracelets

As Iispired by Kelly Prepster Studio, let's make pony bead friendship bracelets!  The artist also sells her wares, so please visit her site.

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Pool Noodle Tic-Tac-Toe

 This is an open play activity.  This means that there will not be a booth; you will find the game near other activities.  Feel free to just start playing!

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Paper Pinwheels.jpg

Paper Pinwheels

Did you know that pinwheels are mini wind turbines? Wind turbines use wind force to generate electricity, and pinwheels capture the power of the wind.  Watch those blades spin as air passes through them.


Lawrence Lynch Image.jpg

Touch-a-Truck: Lawrence Lynch

Get up close and personal to learn how construction equipment works with Lawrence Lynch.​


Learn More 


Ultimate Slime Station



Learn More

Back and forth game_edited.jpg

Back and Forth Dice Game

Create your own hours of fun with this simple game brought to you by Twinkl UK


Learn More 


Butterflly Paper Bag Puppets

Inspired by Sarabella and our Monarch Butterfly station, make a butterfly hand puppet from recyclable materials. Activity by Skylight Teaching. 

car race.jpg

Relay: Hot Wheels Car Race

​Vroom,, vroom - try your luck to see if your car comes in first place..



Relay: Color Blocks Race

Using a homemade giant die, race to the finish against your peers. Who will win? Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple or Green?

Pioneer theme rag dolls_edited.jpg

Pioneer Rag Dolls No Sew

Join us as we create a simplified version of this activity.  Fashion your doll using provided scraps.  Visit Youtube to see the full, and might we say creative, version online.

Learn More 


Paper Cup Rockets

​Create a paper rocket and learn how rockets fly through the atmosphere and the importance of having fins for control.  Visit Stellarphant's site to learn how to DIY.


Learn More

Paper Frisbees Krokotak_edited.jpg

Paper Plate Frisbees

Have some time and open space. Make a frisbee and throw it to your heart's content.  Thank you, Krokotak, for this fun activity.

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bubble station 2_edited.jpg

Self-Serve Bubble Refill Station

Recipe by Gwenny Penny; try this at home and visit our station.​


Learn More

Clothespin caterpillars.jpg

Pom Pom Caterpillars

Caterpillars from clothespins and pom poms - need we say more?  Join in the fun by learning from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.​



Learn More 


Touch-a-Truck: Falmouth Police Dept


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Sunflower Gardening

​Join us for container gardening. You will receive a journal to chart your plant's growth. Visit Savvy Gardening to learn more about sunflower container gardens.


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sarabella's booknerdmommy_edited_edited.jpg

Sarabella's Thinking Cap Story Walk

Read-walk your way through the fair! Visit various booths with Sarabella activities inspired by Judy Schachner's classic story, such as a Thinking Cap (Make a Hat) station, a bubble station, paperbag puppets, and more. Visit for more ideas. 

Learn More

pop stick tictactoe.jpg

Pop Stick Tic Tac Toe

Make one for yourself or a friend using everyday objects.


Picasso's Garden

​Stop by and explore your inner artist. Station sponsored by M.Duffany Builders.


Learn More 

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