Veggie Car Race

Register your team for the edible veggie car race.

All teams must include at least one adult member and up to three (3) children.  Ages are determined by the adult leader of each team. 


Each team will receive a farm basket filled with pre-selected vegetables and edible food items.  These baskets may may contains items such as carrots, celery, potatoes, pretzel sticks, cucumbers, and zucchinis - just to name a few.  Edible markers and stickers will also be provided so that you can make your cars nice and fancy. 


Teams will be allotted one-hour to build their race cars using only provided materials and tools.  The race(s) will be held in heats of 3.  The winners of each race will advance to the next level and continue racing until a Grand Champion is announced (or the cars fall apart) by our Judging Panel.  

Registrations forms will be available in February, 2019


To learn more about edible Veggie Car Races, view the video below.

Edible Car Race - Brown Engineering Communications

(Glutton for Punishment - Episode 51 originally aired February 9, 2010)

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